Saturday, November 21, 2009

911 Is A Joke!

A couple months ago I heard a lot of commotion in the upstairs apartment.  The pretty, young woman was screaming at her boyfriend.  She was yelling at him to, "Get the f*ck out!"  Shortly thereafter I heard scuffling.  Then I heard a thud or two, followed by her yelps in pain.  I called 911.  At the conclusion of the call, the dispatcher asked me if I wanted to be anonymous.  I said, "Yes."  Within minutes, I heard policemen knocking on the door of the upstairs apt.  No one answered.  So, they left.  They left right downstairs and knocked on MY door!  I thought, "Oh, no, they're gonna out me!"  But I answered the door anyway.  The officer asked me if I'd heard a disturbance upstairs.  I stood there for a moment in silence, not knowing if I wanted to respond since the fool asked the question in his "street" voice instead of his "'movie theater" voice!  Fast-forward to a day or two ago and I realize the folks upstairs are on to me, 'cause I heard her yelling at him to, "Get the f*ck out" and him telling her to, "Be quiet.  He'll hear you downstairs."  Mind you, he said that to her in his "movie theater" voice!!!!

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