Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Take My Hand

The dark cloud has returned to hover over my household 'til the 1st of next month.  A part of me truly wants to banish it from anywhere near me. has no other place to hover 'til next week.  So, what do I do?  Tolerate the spiritual discomfort I feel in its presence?  Push it as far away from me as possible?  The God in me knows what I should do.  And I shall follow its directive:  extend my hand to pull the cloud closer to GOODNESS & LIGHT.  Compassion is not easy to come by; because it requires a great deal of strength to muster.  I am strong.  I am compassionate.  I will allow the dark cloud to linger a week longer.  Perhaps in that time frame, the dark cloud will lighten up a bit.  Or...if we're both lucky...a lot.

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