Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not

It wasn't until I allowed two, young guys (20 & 22) to rent rooms in my place that I came to fully understand how wasteful young people can be.  One of them runs the water in the sink while he's brushing his teeth until he's completely done brushing.  I also caught him once, running the water in the shower while he was in his room, d*ckin' around.  I kindly walked into the bathroom and turned it off.  The other youngun likes to sleep with (3) different lights blazing!  I walked into his room when I awakened the other morning and turned off ALL THREE!  Keep in mind, this is the same youngun who has NEVER been able to pay his rent on time.  EVER!  A couple nights ago, he even had the audacity -- the unmitigated gaul -- to have an OVERNIGHT GUEST!!!  I thought, WOW!  Now, that's some SERIOUS balls on a dude who is BARELY 5'4" and 95 lbs soaking wet!!! -- I now know how parents feel when they have to teach their children environmental responsibility!  I suspect these young guys won't understand my "nagging" until THEY have to PAY the utility bills THEMSELVES!

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