Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marvin, Hellz Yeah I Wanna Know What's Goin' On!

Somethin' is makin' me a lil' nervous lately.  Every time I attempt to access my checking account online, I keep gettin' kicked off the site.  Then, shortly thereafter, I'm e-mailed a message to use an "unlock code" to get me back onto the site.  This kind of thing usually only happens after a few, unsuccessful attempts have been made to access my account.  This had me wonderin' if perhaps someone was trying to hack into my account.  I mean, dang, I don't know who wants my TWO NICKELS, but I reckon SOMEBODY in this town might!  I've since changed my passcode and hope this doesn't happen again.  Would hate to have to withdrawl my millions and stash 'em under my mattress with the hundreds of thousands already under it.  Oops, did I just give away my secret, hiding place??  No fears.  No crook worth his salt would EVER think to look under a mattress for MONEY!!

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