Sunday, January 31, 2010

Type Tripe

Over and over again I hear fellas I know talk the "not my type" B.S. to explain why they're single and I suspect lonely.  Heck, I'm probably not much different.  But I am wise enough to know that just 'cause somethin' looks good TO me, doesn't mean it's good FOR me.  And so I keep my eyes, ears & heart open to meeting whomever makes me smile and erect in one, fell swoop!  REAL TALK!  To my friends who constantly sing the same, tired tune,  "I won't settle for what's not my type," I say, embrace embracing ONLY your PILLOW at night--or--random, uncaring people who ARE "your type."  After all, you truly GET what you're LOOKIN' for!!!!  Truly!  And that's no MISTYPE! 

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