Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Believe That Children Are Our Future

I just returned from my volunteer work with Camp Max Straus.  I've gotta admit that sometimes those kids make me feel sooooooooooo happy to be alive!!!  And they don't even know they're doin' it.  My life may not be all the things I think I'd like for it to be, but it's excellent enough to those kids.  They couldn't care less what I do for a living or what car I drive or what my furniture costs!  Thanks, kids.  I'll give you a sense of pride to make life easier.  And I hope the greatest love of all resides in all of you:  love of self!

Sunday Mornin' Praise!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Refreshing Comfort

I'm headin' out the door within the next few minutes to get some orange juice!  Once back home, I'm pairin' it with E & J XO brandy.  And then...I shall be refreshed and completely and totally comfortable!  Ha!!!  Wait a minute, should I be concerned that I'll be drinking alone?  Umm...I don't think so!

Purified Water

I don't know what it is, but over in Brazil, somethin' must be in the water to make those folks look like they do during Carnival.  I can clearly see why Americans jet to Rio as often as they can!!  And I'm sure learning to speak Portugese isn't anywhere on their list of "things to do!!!"

Easier Said Than Done

CAM Jr., Have Mercy

I have extended yet another dosage of MERCY to the young fella renting a room from me.  This is it, though.  If he doesn't make it a point to get himself some kind of little job to pay his way in this town, he's OUT!!!  A part of me struggles with throwing him out because of the kindness I've been shown and am still being shown by others.  However, to not have one, earthly cent  to give toward a roof over his head is insulting to ME, the roof provider!!!  He's been told clearly:  next month, if he doesn't have the agreed upon payment, no more shingled roofs for him!  His next residence will have a roof made of nylon!

Singin' In The Rain

Earlier today I had to make a meeting at 3 PM and walked from the train station in the heart of Hollywood all the way to West Hollywood--in the rain!!!  And, yes, as I walked, I sang, sang, sang!!!!!  Gene Kelly,  my brotha, you ain't the only one!!!!!

Multitude Of Gratitude

As I often did in NYC, last week I found myself sitting in a church.  Completely alone.  Bowing on bended knees.  Saying, THANK you.  Then rising.  And leaving.  As THANKFULLY as I arrived.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Embracing My Soul

At this very moment, some people think they need a big car.  Some--a big house.  Some--a big wallet.  What this ol' dude feels he needs right now--more than anything--is a BIG HUG.

Trudging Upward & Onward

With duffel bag in tow, I've walked my butt off today!  It has taken me hours to do what I used to do in minutes when I had a car.  Yes, it's back to my NYC days.  And, yes, I'm thankful I can walk.  But, umm...I'd be equally as thankful to drive again, too!!!!

What You Don't Use, You Lose

I've learned in two week's time that being OUT of practice makes LESS THAN PERFECT!  And I've also learned that memorizing someone else's words instead of my own just doesn't work for me anymore!  The words that come out of my mouth HAVE to come out of MY MIND.  Simple as that!  I know a myriad of folks will say I'm in no position to want my way or no way, but it is what it is.

Good Evening...And Welcome To...

I wonder what I'd look and sound like as a California, gubernatorial debate moderator.  Or, at least, pretending to be one.  Time will tell.  Hmmm.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The "Funnest" Job

So, judging from their smiles, I'd say these chicks reallllly like their job.  So, WHO says that PACKIN' FUDGE can't be fun????  Ha!


HOW can a person live with himself after making dogs fight?  HOW?????  I truly wish I could ask Michael Vick and his friends & cousins that question.  HOW????????

The King Of Wishful Thinking

Although this song was written years and years ago, it TRULY/ENTIRELY applies to my sentiments in regard to my failed, talent management business!!!!

"I'll get over you.  I know I will.
You made a hole in my heart
But I won't shed a tear for you.
I'll be the king of wishful thinking.
(I'll be the king of wishful)."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craft Disservices

I've spent the entire morning on the set of a new, comedy pilot for Disney.  My boy, Gregor Manns, filmed his role in the project today.  Of course I went along just to partake in craft services!  Call me crazy, but I always love that food!  Always!  Turns out the folks runnin' this production are top notch, so he was in and out of there BEFORE 11 AM.  I was bummed because I know he wanted to be there all day.  AND...because I wasn't there long enough for LUNCH!!!!!!!!  Dang!  Oh well, I'm sure I'll have many, many more opportunities to enjoy the cuisine offered at Sunset Bronson Studios!!!  And, oh, the two, young ladies who portray the lead roles on this kid's show sure can dance their little heinies off!  And are sooooooooooo cute!

Blessed With Another Day!!!

The Best Friend I can ever have is I.  So, to God & His Universe, I say, THANK YOU, for another breath to enjoy another day!!!!!  Now, I've gotta get ready to go out and make someone else SMILE and feel good about being blessed with another breath, too!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Adventures Of The Old CAM Jr!

Reinvention:  the state of CAM Jr. being remade or made over, with a different ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR; resulting in different RESULTS!

The Fact Of The Matter

College GPA was 4.0.

Fluently speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Activist for the rights of women, children, animals and the elderly.

Treats everyone she encounters the way she wants to be treated. 

But the fact of the matter is...

Not ONE heterosexual man she meets within the next ten years will EVER appreciate her for ANY of those attributes! 


Not a ONE!  :) :) :) 


When I began this blog, I told myself it would simply be my journal, except written online instead of into a notebook.  And, for all intents and purposes, that is precisely what it is.  I've been asked often, though, by inquiring minds, how many "hits" it gets.  The answer is, probably not many.  I've certainly received several comments on particular posts, but not many.  Truth be told, I don't care how many hits I get because I don't write this blog for "hits."  I write it to have a place to write my thoughts so that I can come back and look at them days, months, years down the road.  I like seein' where I've been.  And how I've grown.  I'll never use this blog to expose people for being fallible humans.  At least, not in a mocking way.  Perez Hilton and a host of others can have their mean-spirited blogs if they'd like.  I have no interest in that kind of thing.  The only "hits" that interest me are the hit songs my friend, Tyshawn, will be creating before too long.  That's it.

Poor Man, Rich Man - Young Man, Old Man.

The trajectory of my life.  And many lives.  As long as I continue to love and be loved in return, I'm okay with that.


These days, whenever I'm asked for my opinion on a friend's new haircut, car, apartment, boyfriend/girlfriend, job, etc., my response is as follows:  "If you LIKE it, I LOVE it."  I'm spending NO MORE of my time debating DUMB STUFF!

CAM Jr., Journey Of One, Please!

Dirty Little Secret

Today was the first day I've opened a bag of carrots from Trader Joe's and literally found globs of dirt covering the darn things!  I mean, don't get me wrong, I realize they are grown IN the dirt, but I never expected them to be packaged that way!  I've never noticed it before.  Anyway, I washed 'em down, of course, but as I sit here eating my salad, I keep crunching on grit!  Geez!  Did the dirt get INSIDE the friggin' carrot, too?  Or am I biting down on somethin' else??????

Empty Promises

I remember when I walked into my empty apartment for the first time and fell in love with the shiny, wooden floors and crisp, white freshly-painted walls!  That was then.  Now, I flirt with moving into a new place all the time.  I've said over and over again that 2010 is gonna be the year of REINVENTION for me.  I reckon that means reinventing the place I lie my head as well!  As long as I move out on MY terms, it's all good!!! 

If Only I Knew--Marquis!!!!

It's said that what you don't use, you lose.  Well, I can attest to that.  Yesterday, I stood in front of three chicks, wanting to impress them by reciting something one of 'em told me to recite.  Heck, I might as well have been up in the joint channeling, Patti!!!

"I must have rehearsed my lines
A thousand times
Until I had them memorized;
But when I get up the nerve
To tell you, the words
Just never seem to come out right."

Lucy's 51

Enjoyed dinner and drinks last night with a dear friend and a lady friend of his!  We talked about everything under the sun.  And over the moon, too!  Ha!  He and she paid for the great time.  I'm stuck with drinks this upcoming Sunday for his b'day!  That'll be just fine 'cause I'll be winning the Mega Millions Lottery later tonight!!!  Ha!  The great restaurant we went to is HERE.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Pray, You Pray, We Pray

When the world feels like it's on your shoulders,
(I pray, you pray, we pray).
When your life seems like its upside down,
(I pray, you pray, we pray).
When your lonely nights are getting colder,
(I pray, you pray, we pray),
I pray you pray no matter how dark the day.  (CeCe Winans, Pray)

A HOST Of Possibilities

For as long as I can remember, I have been a talker.  And a listener.  I've always been told that I have an uncanny way of making people feel comfortable enough to tell me alllllll about their lives.  Well, if my friend, Tyshawn, can finally enroll himself in classes to learn to be a music producer, then I can venture into television hosting, dangit!!!  I mean, after all, "one of these things is not like the others."  So, it's time for CHANGE!  Ha!

A Change Is Gonna Come

For many years I've been fascinated with "socialite," Jocelyn Wildenstein!  When I lived in New York, I always read every newspaper article about her written in The NY Daily News.  I'd love to sit down with her and simply ask WHY she feels the need for all the plastic surgery.  By now, surely she's learned that no amount of changes to her face will fill the void she obviously feels inside.  I'd like to sit down with her children to ask what they think, too.  If she was my mother, I wonder what I'd think.  I reckon I'd love her if she loved me.  And I'd pray for her like I pray for everybody else.  Self-love is sooooo damn rare.  I wonder if Mrs. Wildenstein would agree.  I truly wonder.

Whooo Whooo

It's 4:06 AM and I'm still awake!  Why I'm a night owl I don't know, but for whatever reason, staying up 'til the wee hours of the night just seems to suit me.  I mean, if I had to awaken at this time, I'd feel soooooooooooo sleepy!  Go figure!

Anything Worth Having... worth WORKIN' MY HELLA SEXY, BLACK BUTT OFF for!!!  So, writing project, you're goin' DOWN!!!!  Ha!

Amazing Grace

Saturday, February 20, 2010

God Will Know

Back in 1986, my love affair with Whitney Houston's voice was in full effect!  To me, it was angelic and smooth and clear and as close to perfect as humanly possible.  Now, here we are twenty-four years later and boy, oh boy, has life flipped the script.  Less than twenty minutes ago, I stumbled across a video of her recent, concert performance in Seoul.  What I heard truly broke my heart.  Below is one of her performances in 1986 that brought me such joy.  And, below it, is the Seoul, concert footage.  I'm convinced that even a man with no ears could hear the differences between the two.  And equally convinced that a man with no eyes would weep as a result.  I wish her well.  I truly mean that.  What has become of her instrument breaks my heart.  Plain and simple.  How will she know that I will always love her voice of old?  She won't.  But God will.  And that's enough for me.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reality T-Me!

For years I've poo pooed reality tv programming.  Well...2010 is all about steppin' out of my comfort zone and shakin' up my life's status quo!  So...who knows what the future brings?  CAM Jr., the reality tv star, COULD happen after all. And I WOULDN'T consider it a disgrace one, little bit!!  Ha!

Hey, Sister! Go, Sister! Soul Sister!

I oftentimes talk about the fondness I harbor for my college days.  I truly enjoyed living in the fraternity house among all sorts of guys from different backgrounds, cultures, etc.  One of my Fraternity Brothers stands out now more than others.  I was a senior when he was a freshman.  My memory of him is that he was simply a sweet kid.  I was out of college for 15 yrs or so before I found out he had made a drastic change in his life.  He transitioned from male to female.  When she moved out to California, we met up for lunch.  I thought she looked beautiful.  And she sounded centered.  And completely comfortable in her own skin.  Qualities, mind you, that very few of my friends possess--whatever their sexual or gender identity.  Her activism for the rights of transgender men and women is tireless.  I applaud her for being so incredibly courageous.  So, ANDREA JEAN JAMES, this ol' Fraternity Brother of yours tips his hat to you.  What you do for and mean to the LGBT community and all other people around the world is ADMIRABLE & IMMEASURABLY APPRECIATED!  I wish her the best and consider it an HONOR to call her my FRATERNITY SISTER!!!!  Take a peek below at the lecture she gave when she made her triumphant return to our college campus after 20 yrs!!!!!  Her website is HERE.

Idle Gossip

It is my solemn desire at this very moment to separate myself from idle gossip!  This Tiger Woods "scandal" and soooooooooooo many other situations I know NOTHING about are NO LONGER going to get anymore of my energy!  Until MY life is EXACTLY/PRECISELY as I want it to be, I simply DON'T have any time to concern myself with anyone else's!!!  So...I'm swearin' off RECEIVING and/or DISTRIBUTING idle gossip!  That is...immediately AFTER I finish listenin' to Tiger Woods's televised apology!  Ha!

Havin' A Gay Ol' Time

Stereotypes are somethin'!!!  No, they're not 100% accurate 100% of the time, but by golly, they're based upon some real truths!  I came across this "tidbit of info." the other day and laughed my butt off!  Is it mostly true or not?  Hmmm, I'm gonna have to think about it!  LOL.  Dang, I can't stop laughin' about it!  Umm, check it out for yourself right HERE.