Friday, March 26, 2010

Four-Legged Friends

Some, recent study concluded that single people die quicker than people who live with others in the same household.  For all intents and purposes I've been a single person for most of my adult life.  Of late I've been itchin' to get a dog or two.  I realize that human beings weren't designed to live alone.  And by alone I mean in a household with no one else.  I suspect that's why there are soooo many "crazy cat ladies."  Nobody wants to be alone.  Nobody.  Even if your only interaction with "others" is with others of the four-legged variety, at least you're not interacting with only yourself!  As for me, I can't see myself  interacting with a half dozen or more four-legged creatures only.  And mainly because I just wouldn't be able to tolerate the clean-up and SMELL!

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