Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye, Arnold

Just a couple hours ago, actor, GARY COLEMAN, died.  His death truly makes me think of my own mortality in that I remember him as a boy when I was a boy.  Heck, we've grown up together, of sorts.  The first time I saw him was on The Jeffersons.  I couldn't tell if he was a kid or a "little person" adult.  Turns out he was a kid, but an exceptionally precocious one.  He then went on to Guest Star on a number of series until he became the star of his own series:  DIFF'RENT STROKES.  All the child stars on that show were plagued with emotional issues.  Dana Plato eventually committed suicide.  Todd Bridges was molested by his p.r. rep.  And Gary was robbed of all his money by his PARENTS!  His adult life has been challenging for him on every level:  professional and personal.  Well, his worries are gone now.  I hope & pray he is lifted up to Heaven where he can be treated like the incredibly entertaining person he was.  I loved him when I was a kid.  Just loved him.  I wish he loved himself as well.

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