Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open House = Open Wallet

Yeah, I must be gettin' old 'cause today is the FIRST day I've ever heard of somethin' called an "Open House" for a kid graduating high school.  I mean, back when I was in high school (early 80's), NOBODY had a friggin' Open House.  And, if they did, I never heard about it.  My younger brother and sister told me earlier today that the purpose of the event is to collect gifts and/or money.  Plain and simple.  Well, I've received three invitations from the parents of graduating, high school seniors.  Two of the kids I know.  The other, I don't.  I bought congratulations cards for them, but I'm sure they'd appreciate some loot inside the cards.  I'm gonna have to check the winning, lottery numbers tonight to see if perhaps I won something so I can put that something into these cards!!!!  I tell u, beggin' from Peter to pay Paul ain't cute no mo'.  It just ain't cute!

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