Sunday, June 20, 2010

Freedom By The Sea!!!!!!!

Yesterday was truly a GLORIOUS day for me!  It began with me driving down to Laguna Nigel at damn near 4 AM.  I arrived by 5 AM.  I stood in line with hundreds of others who were there to audition for OPRAH's reality show to find a new, tv host.  After the audition, I figured I'd hang around Laguna.  Well, I wound up driving to Dana Point.  Parked near the ocean.  And proceeded to walk all over the place.  I exercised a bit.  And met some of the kindest people.  After talking to a gracious couple for over 30 minutes, I headed toward the water and walked upon a father and son.  We struck up a conversation and before I knew it, I was enjoying a delicious lunch with them right on the water @ Wind & Sea Restaurant!  And the son PAID!  Didn't I say the day was glorious???  Haa!  The son's name is, Marc.  His dad's name is, Mr. Abdou, because I was taught never to call my elders by their first names.  So, I won't here, either.  Mr. Abdou is from Egypt.  And he's one, helluva fella!  He knows that ocean community like the back of his hand.  And he delighted in tellin' me all about it.  -- I am soooo very happy that my love for people extends beyond race, creed, color or socio-economic status.  I like PEOPLE.  Plain and simple.  And I can learn something from EVERYBODY.  Also plain and simple.  One day I'm gonna earn a terrific living talking to PEOPLE.  Mark my words.  -- Yeah, yesterday was GLORIOUS.  And it was because, in this country, I am FREE to go WHEREVER I want.  And meet WHOMEVER I want.  Oh, how HAPPY I am for the FREEDOM I possess!  And for the people who inhabit this planet!!! -- I sure hope Mr. Abdou is enjoying a PHENOMENAL FATHER'S DAY today!!!!

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