Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 20th!!!

Back in late '89 or early '90, one of my friends took me along with him over to a singer's house named, Brenda K. Starr.  While there, she told us about "a little white girl" who sang like a big, black one!  She let us listen to a song the "little white girl" was working on for her debut album.  The song blew me away.  I kept asking, Brenda, are you sure this girl is white?  She assured me the girl was and said, "Let's call her."  So, at damn near 2 AM, she called the girl, who was still in the studio, working on her album.  She told her that I wanted to speak with her, then passed me the phone.  I told the young lady that I had just listened to her song and loved it.  I asked her if she could sing a little snippet of it for me.  She first declined, stating that her voice was hoarse from singing all night.  With a little pleading on my part, she relented and sang a bit.  She sounded great to me.  Well, within a month or so, I was in my apartment and heard the song Brenda played for us on the radio.  It was Vision Of Love.  I jumped for joy, 'cause I felt like I had a special relationship with the singer!!  Haa!  When the cassette single was released, I stood in a record store, urging people to buy it.  I mean, you would've thought I was being paid to promote her or somethin'!  I mention all this, 'cause this month marks the twentieth-yr anniversary of the month MARIAH CAREY's debut album hit the stores.  I'll always remember hearing the song long before it hit the airwaves.  And listening to her sing a snippet of it LIVE, long before the rest of America had heard her!  Keep singin', Mimi, 'cause when it comes to your voice and me:  We Belong Together!  Haa!

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