Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deadly Solution

Yesterday, I called myself disinfecting my contact lenses.  I swished some disinfecting solution over one of 'em and inserted it directly onto my eye!  WRONG move!!!!  My eye IMMEDIATELY began to burn like HADES!!!  I mean, I thought I was going to DIE!!!  I yanked the damn thing out and flushed my eye with water and sterile, saline solution.  I then placed the lens back onto my eye.  As the day progressed, the sun was killing that one eye, so I removed the lens.  As soon as I removed it, my eye became more inflamed.  It dripped water 'til I went to bed!  I flushed it out with warm water again and PRAYED!  Well, here it is a new day and it's feeling better.  Still red, but feels much better.  Moral of story:  READ friggin' warnings BEFORE using products!!!!!!  Geez!!! 

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