Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Dollar And A Dream

All my life I have preferred to march to my own drummer than be bogged down with the needs and wants of others.  This has pulled some people away from me.  And brought some to me.  Regardless, I find it more peaceful to live as I want and not as I'm expected.  Yes, there are many things I do because they're "the polite" thing to do.  But my overall attitude is this:  "If it doesn't make me feel good about being me, I'm cutting ties with it sooner rather than later."  And, yes, that applies to people, too!  Anyway, I say all this to say that my imagination is the greatest "thing" I possess.  It takes me everywhere I want to go.  Introduces me to everybody I want to meet.  And provides for me everything I need.  Thus, each week when I spend two dollars on the Mega Millions Lottery, I truly believe I'm going to win the jackpot.  Every week I believe it.  And eventually--I WILL win!  Mark my words! 

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