Saturday, July 24, 2010

Each One, Teach One

One of my Fraternity brothers, a Catholic priest, just sent me an homily he wrote to read to his congregation.  The content referred to my public, former, high school in Indianapolis.  The story went that the girls softball team from my, former school traveled to a private, Catholic high school across town to play their first game.  My old school was ill-prepared.  The girls didn't know how to play the game.  Didn't have the proper uniform.  Their coaches didn't know how to play the game, etc.  The other team,  however, were superstars.  They'd been champs in the sport for the past, two and a half years.  They could have easily beaten my former high school to a pulp, but instead, chose to spend the allotted game time, teaching the novices the fundamentals of the game.  Remarkable!  What many could have viewed as privileged, white girls teaching under-privileged black girls how to play softball, wound up being a story more about love and teaching.  I hope after the girls from my former high school went home that day, they vowed to be MORE LOVING.  MORE CARING.  And MORE THANKFUL.  Because it's apparent to me that the girls from the private school are already onto something.  Read the full story HERE

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