Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not All For The Butter

Well, I received my cholesterol screening results today.  AWFUL!!!  Okay, so maybe not as awful as they've been in the past, but not nearly as good as they were the time before!  Last time, I had a cumulative total of 187!  The BEST I'd ever had!  This time around -- 222!!!!!  Ugh!  I'm sure PIZZA HUT has played a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE part in this travesty!  I told the doctor about my weakness for the artery-clogging enterprise.  Her response is that the good folks at "The Hut" spread a glob of butter onto their dough to give it that deliciously decadent flavor and crisp crust!!!  I'm gonna chill on eating the pizza now.  The next time I'll allow myself to partake is September or so!  NOT in August!  No how!  No way!!  My cholesterol is gonna stay BELOW 200.  And it's gonna take LIPITOR and SELF CONTROL to keep it there!  'Cause goodness knows HEREDITY and STUFFED CRUST PIZZA won't!!!! 

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