Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Positively Positive!!

Because I have never truly believed I've attained professional fulfillment, it's been difficult for me to truly believe I can.  In all honesty, I have allowed fear to stop me from doing a whole heck of a lot of things.  I CANNOT and WILL NOT allow it to be anything more to me now than a WORD.  A word I have NO feeling for!  Nor any time for!!!  My attitude is one of POSITIVITY and CAN DO!  And, when I venture off the beaten path of those attributes, I have my friend, TYSHAWN, to slap nudge me back onto the proper track!!!  I give GRATITUDE to HIM, GOD, THE UNIVERSE and to ME for fighting like heck to make me the BEST me I can be.  And to spread the knowledge I attain while BEING.  I CAN DO whatever I choose.  As long as I BELIEVE.

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