Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Safely & Soundly

Well, my dear friend, MADELINE, and her sons and boyfriend flew out of LAX today en route to their home in CT.  I left her a voicemail, asking her to call or text me upon touch down so that I know she's well.  Haven't heard from her yet.  I did receive a text from her younger son, my godson, almost an hour ago.  So, perhaps they're home.  -- I must say that I truly enjoyed their visit.  It's sooo interesting to me how, with some people, it's just like you never missed a beat when you connect with them again.  That's the way I felt with her.  She isn't as spirited as I, nor as demonstrative in her enthusiasm, but I'd like to think she truly enjoyed herself. The next move is MINE!  I've gotta go back to NYC to see the place and the people I've left behind.  I miss all of 'em!  The place AND the people!

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