Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Are Loved

Last night, I attended a birthday get-together for a friend in his loft.  While there, I harkened back to meeting him back in 1999 on New Year's Eve in NYC.  I guess technically I met him in 1999 as it turned into 2000.  Shortly after meeting him, I moved to L.A. where he lived and we've become friends since then.  Looking at all the people in attendance at his shindig, I could clearly see that he's loved.  And boy oh boy what a feeling being loved is.  I've only once had a birthday soiree in my honor.  All planned by an ex.  And I enjoyed it.  I really did.  What I know for sure is that NOBODY and I mean NOBODY wants to live on this planet alone.  EVERYBODY needs to FEEL love.  EVERYBODY.  And I intend to love as MANY and as OFTEN as I can.  And I'm NOT talkin' romantic love.  I'm talkin' ALL-ENCOMPASSING love.  What a sense of POWER you feel when you know FOR A BONA FIDE FACT that YOU ARE LOVED.

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