Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Can, But You Can't

Yes, it's true.  You can run, but you can't hide.  Running away from confrontations--big or small--may provide momentary relief; but the key word is MOMENTARY!!!  I have always detested confrontation.  Always.  The people in my life who are keen on arguing and the such are always people I avoid.  However, when my own actions warrant my "running," I have to take stock of what I've done and correct matters.  Thus, I'm in that place in my life this very moment.  I'll get it  together.  No doubt.  But the "in the meantime" isn't pleasant.  -- My younger sister, during her college days, hated feeling poor.  Okay, hated BEING poor.  And she told herself she'd never live that way again.  And, she hasn't.  I've GOTTA adopt that same mentality.  My mother used to say, "Being poor isn't a disgrace.  It's just a damn inconvenience."  And boy oh boy was she right!  This ol' boy is TIRED of being inconvenienced.  Time to ACT.  Can't GET anything if I don't DO anything!  Feel me??????

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