Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Like That, Huh?

Okay, so I can clearly see that getting my foot in the door of the assisted-living facility I want to volunteer at is gonna be a redo of when I wanted to volunteer with babies with AIDS.  Ugh!  Looks like this ol' dude has to make an unscheduled appearance to their offices!!!!!!!  And this I shall do!  If these folks want a pissing match, that's precisely what I'll give 'em!!!

Update:  Just got off the phone with the lady in charge of volunteers and she's booked me for an appointment tomorrow @ 4 PM!  See!  Perseverance is KING!!!!!

Sizzling Hottttt!

It's 4:39 PM and it's HOTTER than HADES outside!!  Geez!  I wanna jump into a pool right now.  BUTT-NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All I Need

Just gimme a mic and a comfy chair and a talk show host extraordinaire has been born!!!!!!!!!

I Mean, Really!

Over the past two weeks, there seems to have been an over-abundance of anti-homosexual happenings across the nation.  There's the continuing saga of Bishop Eddie Long.  And the suicide death of a preteen who was tired of being bullied by his classmates.  Today, a 24-yr-old gang leader in Baltimore was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the vicious murder of one of his underlings who was thought to be gay.  And I just read about a college freshman at Rutgers University who jumped off the George Washington Bridge because his roommate secretly videotaped him having sex with another guy.  I reckon the kid was in the closet.  Well, to me, all these occurrences simply point out one, unsettling reality:  even in 2010 homosexuality is still an atrocity in the eyes of many.  Unfortunately, the owners of those disapproving eyes can count actual homosexuals among their masses!  And that, my friend, is what HAS to change!!!!!   

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

115 Degrees In The #$%! Shade!!!

The temperature here in L.A. reached upwards of 115 degrees yesterday!  And although sweat poured down my back like I was standing under Niagara Falls, all I could think about was the multitude of black chicks I observed out and about in this weather STILL wearing hot-*ss wigs/weaves!  I mean, damn!  How hot does it have to be before they take those things OFF??????  Or maybe they're waitin' 'til the mofos SWEAT off!  Geez!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Within the past ten years I know of a young man who has gone FROM being the co-star of a semi-hit television show and a member of  a boy-band with one, bona fide hit single TO a young man who now earns the bulk of his living as a waiter in one of my fave, L.A. restaurants.  I'm willing to bet my left testicle that the young man has learned that he is MORE THAN any job or car or weekly paycheck he has ever or will ever receive.  L.A. has a way of teaching this lesson to those of us who are STRONG enough to remain a resident.  Trevor has never been my waiter when I've gone to the restaurant.  But, if one day he is, I'm gonna simply stand up, look him square in the eye, shake his hand firmly and vigorously, and tell him I admire him.  When he asks why, I'm going to tell him, "Because in you, I clearly see that hope truly does spring eternal."

Making Change!

Today's church sermon was about one's heart and mind being available to let GOD's authority occupy it.  Talking about this subject comes right on time for me because my life is currently in a state of flux.  I clearly see it's of the utmost importance for me to take refuge under the authority of GOD in order to uplift my life to the heights it is meant to reach!  I MUST listen to His whispers and signs and messages to correct those aspects of my life that aren't working for my UP...RISING!  TourĂ© Roberts's words truly moved me.  Now, it's up to ME to heed them.  My purpose in life is NOT to NOT be a BLESSING to the world-at-large.  Thus, I have work to do.  GOD's authority has a place in my HEART.  And in my MIND.  I've just gotta let it in so I can finally change the sign currently hangin' up from what it is to...

Sweet Dreams, My Friend(s)


It's 5:06 AM and I am still awake!  Well...not for long.  I know precisely which bird of paradise I am!!!!!!

Guess Who I Saw Today...

While enjoyin' a welcome diversion to Venice Beach yesterday with my ex-roomie, Gil, I ran into a blast from the past---Edmond!  Haven't seen the dude in ages.  We chatted ever so briefly.  And I reminded him about the first day I met him and drove him to Venice to work out.  He mentioned that I should give him a call sometime.  Haaa!  I've often wondered why people who haven't kept in touch with each other since Jesus was a child feign a desire to keep in touch.  Well, indeed, I used to have his number in my cell phone.  However, as is almost always the case, what you don't use, you lose.  And so it is.  And so it shall always be.  So help me, God!

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson

I'd Like Very Much To...

...for giving me the choice to be ME!  And I'd like very much to thank MYSELF for CHOOSING to do just that!

Mama Used To Say...

The allegations against Bishop Eddie Long are piling up fast and furiously!  Each day seems to uncover yet another scorned lover lawsuit!  Interesting to me how my mother's old witticisms still echo loudly in my ears over and over again:  "What you do in the dark will eventually come out into the light."  And I add:  "Especially when you do it long enough!"

Sunday Mornin' Praise!

Tightly & Warmly

So let it be written.  So let it be DONE!!!  :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Owner Of A Glass House

He is one of the most popular preachers in America.  His congregation is counted as high as 25,000.  He lives a lavish lifestyle.  He adamantly and vociferously opposes homosexuality and gay marriage.  And, within the past seven days, he has been hit with not one--not two--not three--but FOUR lawsuits by young men no older than 22 who allege that he coerced them into sexual relationships when they were as young as 16 yrs old!  Come again!!!  Yes, the man who lead hundreds on a march in Atlanta against gay marriage is being sued for using his influence and his church's money to lure young men into sexual relationships!  WOW!  This story is unfolding like Tiger Woodsgate.  Each day, a new secret is revealed.  From this point forward, I'm giving a side-eye to ANYONE who screams LOUDLY against ANYTHING!  Far too often, these screamers appear to be covering up an aspect of themselves that they apparently despise!!  At this very moment, I suspect the pristine floors in the pastor's million-dollar mansion is strewn with shattered glass!!!!  And I know for damn sure the pastor will NEVER pose again in his luxury bathroom for another SELF-PORTRAIT on his cell phone's camera!  'Cause, goodness gracious, the good pastor can never know WHERE those pretty shots will end up!  The story is HERE.

Ready For My Closeup!

The borrowed SONY camera I have---courtesy of Mr. Greg Phelan--is a nice, little somethin' somethin'!  It's my intention to begin filming my first interview with a senior verrrrry shortly.  I hope and pray I know what I'm doing.  Well, as I record more, I'll know more.  So, no fear.  I'm just gonna jump in with BOTH feet!!!  Lights!  Camera!  Action!!!

Perplexed & Bewildered

A day or two ago I called the organization I've been volunteering with for the past three years to tell them I wouldn't be returning this fall.  I left a voicemail for the young guy, Michael, who co-runs the place.  My call came a day or two after I sent an e-mail to him and the guy who runs it with him.  Anyway, I'm really surprised that I have received neither an e-mail nor a return, phone call.  Oh well.  As life has shown me in the past and in the present---everything changes.  Nothing stays the same.  I wish everyone who continues to volunteer with the organization the very best.  Just as I wish myself the very best in my new, volunteer endeavor!  But I gotta admit, gettin' no response to my messages bewilders the heck outta this brotha!! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset!

I've made my decision.  I am not returning this fall as a volunteer mentor with eight and nine-yr-olds.  Instead, I am going to volunteer at an assisted living facility for the elderly.  I want to videotape one-on-one interviews with seniors for my YouTube channel.  I'll begin my interviews with two seniors I already know.  It'll be interesting to see the differences between working with the very young and the not-so-very-young.


Yesterday, I drank a few of one of my favorite drinks.  And you know what?  I think I might very well do the exact, same thing today!  Why not????

God Bless America!

I don't know what this dude feels about his life, but from the outside lookin' in, it sure doesn't look like he should feel bad about a gosh darn thing!!!!!!!!  Geez!

Got A Copy! Right?

Gotta pay to have my book manuscript copyrighted, then begin the onslaught of literary agent/book publisher pitches!  Say a prayer for me, world.  Puhleeeze!  Got 'til May or June of 2011 to get my book published and me sittin' on OPRAH's set, talkin' about how much she loves it!!

Wet Dream

Oh how I wish it would rain so I can walk for miles and miles.  I do my best and most reflective thinking while walking in the rain.  Maybe I should move to Seattle; 'cause there, I would be thinking all the time!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

When Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough?

They begin when they begin and they end only when I've you've had enough of 'em.  Hmmm.

Whatever, "Friend!"

Just a bit ago I was reading somebody's Facebook page and came across a comment from one of my Facebook friends.  Immediately,  I thought, I'll be darn, I haven't seen a posting on my page from this person in ages; and that's strange 'cause that friend posts numerous updates daily!  So, I did what I always do when I haven't seen posts from particular people:  I clicked on his profile name.  And, lo and behold, I saw that in order to see his page I'd have to "add him as a friend."  WHAT!!!!!!  Yep!  I've obviously been kicked to the curb REMOVED as a friend from his account.  Oh well.  Little does he know that I've been humiliated removed as a friend by much BETTER folks than he!!!  Haa!

Dear, Kind & Wonderful

Today I met up with my friend, Stephen, and joined him on his regular, Monday morning/afternoon routine:  delivering food to the homebound for Project Angel Food.  He's been doing this for twenty years.  Let me repeat that:  TWENTY years!  In the past, I've accompanied him on his deliveries every now and then.  Today I simply wanted to join him again.  After we completed his route we headed over to our favorite lunch spot, Souplantation.  There, we proceeded to stuff our faces 'til we didn't even want dessert.  Well, we hadn't walked ten feet away from the restaurant before he spotted a woman eating frozen yogurt from Yogurtland.  Turns out he loves the place and, before we knew it, we were inside the joint, buying the dessert we had already paid for but didn't eat in Souplantation!  Oh well, the yogurt was terrific!  And being in my friend's presence was even MORE terrific!  He's dear.  And kind.  And wonderful.  And I'm soooo happy to have him as a friend.  But, geez, hangin' out with him is gonna make me a BLIMP!!!  Haa!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Many Licks Till I Get To The Center?

Today's church sermon was about getting back to the center in our lives.  Actually---getting back to GOD.  TourĂ©, the pastor, made it abundantly clear that when you walk WITH God you're at the center of your existence.  You're not off-kilter.  Out of whack.  You're none of the things I'm currently feeling.  In today's service, he did something that I've never seen a pastor do during his sermon.  He actually stopped TEACHING and asked the congregation if anyone had questions.  What, I thought!  And, indeed, folks asked their questions.  I am determined to make a life for myself that brings me joy.  A life that is as much about GIVING as RECEIVING.  No---MORE about giving than receiving!  My life's experiences have already compelled me to define myself by what's real instead of what fools others think should be real for me.  Anyway, this ol' boy may encounter a slip-up every now and then, but---for the most part---I'm stayin' on the straight and narrow.  I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams.  Wait a minute---I already have!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

True Intention

Every time we talk and he tells me about an action he has taken, I always ask one question:  "What was your intention?"  And every time, I think the answer he gives me is the answer he believes I want to hear.  And rarely the TRUE answer.  I want him to succeed beyond his wildest dreams.  My only hope is that he wants the same for himself.  Yes, I realize he's only 18 yrs old and has a lot of growing to do.  So, I'll sit back and allow Father Time to do what he does.  However, I'll always tell this youngun when he's doin' great.  And when he's totally out of line.  That's the responsibility of the older generation.  Young folks will always need us.  And WE must ALWAYS be there when they do!

I Ain't Trippin'

It's WHERE I am today.  But it isn't WHO I am.  No mode of transportation could EVER be!!!

You Never Know

Friday, September 17, 2010

15 Minutes

Within the past two months, the world was aghast at a couple of random acid attacks against women.  One, in particular, now has folks shaking their heads.  It turns out that the "victim" of that attack has now admitted that she made up the incident and actually burned her own face!  What!!  That's right.  She burned her face on her own accord!  Apparently she was starving for some kind of attention--ANY kind of attention!  I know we live in fame-obsessed times, but goodness gracious!  The girl's parents are so incredibly humiliated.  I admire them, though, because although they have no idea why their daughter would make up such a story and endure such physical agony, she is still their daughter and they are going to stand by her.  But, honestly, every time I ask myself at what cost will people seek fame, the answer gets more and more frightening.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm...I'm Comin'...Home!

Come Saturday, June 4th, 2011, guess who's goin' back to his 25th college reunion as a GUEST SPEAKER?????  I can hardly believe it.  All my adult life I've wanted to go back to the college to speak to the students about SOMETHING!  Was never sure what; just knew I wanted to talk about something!  THE UNIVERSE heard my inner pleas and rewarded me with an invitation from the college to headline a 45-minute speech & question & answer period during the weekend of my 25th-year reunion festivities!  Of course I was asked to talk about what it's like working as a Hollywood Talent Manager; but, this ol' dude is gonna talk about soooo much more!  In fact, I might even just sit on a stool right in front of whomever attends the discussion and start talking about what life TRULY means to me.  And to them!  I wouldn't be surpised if the person doing all the questioning is I.  And the audience doing the answering!  Truth be told, I just don't want to talk about a JOB.  I want to talk about a LIFE.  Mine and everybody else's!  Since we are not our jobs, I'd rather talk about who we actually ARE.  And who we AREN'T. -- No, I am not in the professional space I thought I'd be by this age.  But I'm still as happy as a sissy at the "Y" to speak to fellow alums and any students who might be still lingering around the campus in June.  Only GOD knows where my life and mind will be come June 2011.  I just hope and pray that he'll provide me the strength and peace of mind to go home and share my wisdom and life experiences with all in my presence.  -- I'm comin'  home, Wabash College and FIJI Fraternity!  And I'm dang PROUD and HAPPY to do so!!!  By the time I finish my discussion, EVERYBODY will know THEIR OWN answer to the question:  How Many Licks Does It Take Till You Get To The Center?

He Ain't Heavy

Although I don't deem myself to have much money.  Okay, virtually NONE.  I still derive a great deal of joy from treating others who are down on their luck to something to eat.  And to a listening pair of ears.  The three, college freshmen I know always get my ears.  A few adults I know get treated to food.  And tomorrow is no exception.  I intend to take a fella I've only met in person once out to lunch.  While there, I intend to get to the bottom of his physical, financial and psychological woes.   No, I can't easily afford to treat him to lunch but I'm going to do it anyway.  Just as I treated one of my workout buddies to dinner earlier tonight.  I do these kinds of things and enjoy doing them because I truly, truly feel incredible when I see that I've brought a smile or an hour's worth of peace & comfort to their lives.  Yes, afterward I wonder how a particular bill will be paid.  Then, I remind myself that I am touched by an angel and the bill(s) WILL get paid!  For as long as I have breath in my body and at least TWO nickels to rub together, I will listen to and feed those who are dying to be heard and nourished.  I doubt that the angel(s) looking over me would ever inhibit/prohibit me from doing so!  Not ever!

Surviving Big Brother

Last night was the season finale of one of the reality shows I watch--BIG BROTHER.  And the beginning of another--SURVIVOR NICARAGUA!  24-yr-old Hayden Moss won the $500,000 top prize on Big Brother.  And a host of hot men and women are now in contention to win the million-dollar grand prize on Survivor.  Former NFL coach, Jimmy Johnson, is in the wilds of Nicaragua, hopin' to win! -- At the end of Big Brother, a call went out for submissions for the next houseguests.  I might submit myself.  I mean, dang, I need to shake up this life of mine!!!  And I need to be in contention for a $500,000 jackpot, too!  We'll see what we see!