Friday, September 17, 2010

15 Minutes

Within the past two months, the world was aghast at a couple of random acid attacks against women.  One, in particular, now has folks shaking their heads.  It turns out that the "victim" of that attack has now admitted that she made up the incident and actually burned her own face!  What!!  That's right.  She burned her face on her own accord!  Apparently she was starving for some kind of attention--ANY kind of attention!  I know we live in fame-obsessed times, but goodness gracious!  The girl's parents are so incredibly humiliated.  I admire them, though, because although they have no idea why their daughter would make up such a story and endure such physical agony, she is still their daughter and they are going to stand by her.  But, honestly, every time I ask myself at what cost will people seek fame, the answer gets more and more frightening.

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