Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ain't Nothin' Like It!!!!

I just returned from church a bit ago and I must admit, I'm STILL feelin' pretty darn good about today's service.  As the choir (which consists of only four or five folks) sang, all I could think about was how I seem to be finding my way back HOME.  No, not back to INDIANA per se.  But back to the CENTER of who I am!  The COURAGEOUS, INTELLIGENT, GO-GETTER me that I was for sooooo many years before fallin' into a mindset of loss and functional depression!  I received an invitation yesterday to speak at my college, telling the students about what life as a Hollywood, talent manager is like.  Well, although I've put that life behind me already, I'm gonna take the college up on its offer to speak anyway!  And what I'll tell  them is what I know for sure:  that regardless what JOB I have, I am MORE THAN I THINK I AM.  And so are THEY!!!  -- So, I say all this to say that today's church sermon and music ministry truly spoke to my SOUL.  And both reiterated to me that I am STILL a PHENOMENAL man.  All I have to do is go back to the CENTER of my being and start BEING that man--AGAIN!  I'm HOME, y'all.  I'm FINALLY HOME.

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