Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Change!

Today's church sermon was about one's heart and mind being available to let GOD's authority occupy it.  Talking about this subject comes right on time for me because my life is currently in a state of flux.  I clearly see it's of the utmost importance for me to take refuge under the authority of GOD in order to uplift my life to the heights it is meant to reach!  I MUST listen to His whispers and signs and messages to correct those aspects of my life that aren't working for my UP...RISING!  Touré Roberts's words truly moved me.  Now, it's up to ME to heed them.  My purpose in life is NOT to NOT be a BLESSING to the world-at-large.  Thus, I have work to do.  GOD's authority has a place in my HEART.  And in my MIND.  I've just gotta let it in so I can finally change the sign currently hangin' up from what it is to...

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