Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby, One More Time

Tomorrow, I'm going to the 11 AM service at One Church International with Pastor Touré Roberts.  It will be my third time at the church.  The previous, two times I've gone, the service started late.  As much as almost thirty minutes late last time.  Anyway, I'm going to be there tomorrow five or ten minutes before 11 AM.  If the service starts late, I'll probably stick around and attend the service anyway.  However, as soon as I return home, I'll fire off an e-mail to the pastor about PROMPTNESS.  I know black folks chuckle when they talk about "C.P. time."  But, to me, it's no laughing matter.  My time is valuable and I don't like wasting it unless I choose to!  Simple as that.  I'll be optimistic and say that tomorrow's 11 AM service will begin at that time or verrrrry shortly afterward.  I'm hopin' and prayin' I'm right!

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