Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ce Ce My Songmate!

I just returned home from a glorious evening at church.  Okay, let me explain.  Earlier today I attended my second Sunday service at One International Church around the corner from my apartment.  Before dismissing the congregation, Touré, the pastor, invited us to come here him preach tonight at another church in celebration of its seventh year anniversary.  He then told us that the special guest would be CeCe Winans.  Well, the dude didn't have to say another word.  I knew I was goin'!  Anybody who truly knows me knows how much I love me some CeCe Winans.  Anyway, I mapped out the bus route online and got myself there early.  CeCe performed three songs and I knew each and every one.  She sounded terrific.  No, she sounded ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!  She told us she and her husband have been married for twenty-six years and that immediately after her performance she was headin' out with her hubby and children to celebrate her daughter's 23rd birthday. -- I didn't get a photo with her, but I sure wish I had.  What a talent. -- Now, on to the bus ride(s) home.  All I can say about them is that, by and large, the folks who were on all the buses I took looked like some real characters out of Central Casting!  One black woman had to have been in her thirties--although she looked 50-something much older--and she had six, young children with her.  And the oldest couldn't have been any older than 10.  The baby boy looked like he had been in a fight and lost!  Not to mention that, of the six kids, he looked the least clean, too.  Anyway, the other folks on the bus had some interesting looks, too.  At one point, I noticed that every person on the bus was a minority. (Translation: not one white person in sight!)  Oh well, it is what it is. -- I'm glad I went to see CeCe tonight and bypassed The Abbey.  Truth be told, I just didn't wanna spend any of my hard-earned money in that joint tonight.  I've got waaaay too many unpaid debts other places to spend my money!

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