Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Many Licks Till I Get To The Center?

Today's church sermon was about getting back to the center in our lives.  Actually---getting back to GOD.  Touré, the pastor, made it abundantly clear that when you walk WITH God you're at the center of your existence.  You're not off-kilter.  Out of whack.  You're none of the things I'm currently feeling.  In today's service, he did something that I've never seen a pastor do during his sermon.  He actually stopped TEACHING and asked the congregation if anyone had questions.  What, I thought!  And, indeed, folks asked their questions.  I am determined to make a life for myself that brings me joy.  A life that is as much about GIVING as RECEIVING.  No---MORE about giving than receiving!  My life's experiences have already compelled me to define myself by what's real instead of what fools others think should be real for me.  Anyway, this ol' boy may encounter a slip-up every now and then, but---for the most part---I'm stayin' on the straight and narrow.  I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams.  Wait a minute---I already have!

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