Saturday, September 11, 2010

Italian Fa$hion

Last night I worked a gig in the Emporio Armani store in Beverly Hills. The building on Brighton Way--not the one on Rodeo Dr.  Anyway, I'm sure the parties at both venues last night were one and the same--trendy-looking white women and gay-looking white men enjoying free drinks and hors d'oeurves!  I'll always marvel at the reality that every group of folks in this world has a uniform.  I mean, the goths all look alike.  The b boys all look alike.  And the trendy, designer label lovers look the same!  Whoever says people dress with individuality is a lie!  I betcha that person looks like most, if not ALL his/her closest friends!  Anyway, there was a lot of up & down stairs for me, but I'm still happy to have had the gig.  NEXT!

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