Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend At Baby Sis's

Tomorrow is my baby sister's annual, Labor Day, backyard cookout in Indianapolis.  And, as usual, I won't be in attendance.  I'll be here in Cali attending NO cookout.  Well, none that I know of just yet.  This is my LAST year not attending her cookouts.  And that's because it will be a MAJOR PRIORITY to be in attendance from this day forward.  She practically walks on water in my eyes.  So, being there for her SHOULD'VE been MANDATORY for me.  But, since I didn't truly plan to be there, I'm not.  The entire family will be there---laughing, eating, drinking and loving each other's company.  I'm a single man with NO dependants; therefore, I should have loads of disposable income to get me back & forth to Abu Dabi if I so chose.  But, again, failure to plan usually results in planning to fail.  Well, I'm not gonna beat myself up over this any more than I have.  I just know that it IS a priority for me to attend ALL her functions from this point forward.  'Cause, like I said earlier, she practically walks on water in my eyes.

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