Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There are three, college freshmen I talk to on a regular basis these days.  All three are male.  All are eighteen years old.  And all have their own first-year college issues.  One of them goes to a huge university in Texas and just joined a fraternity.  His concerns are mostly fraternity related.  He calls and we talk about what he should do when the upperclassmen act foolish.  Oh, I  remember those days well.  I didn't have an older person to talk to about the craziness called pledgeship.  I simply turned to my Pledge Brothers for support.  Anyway, another of the freshmen I talk to is on the football team at his Arkansas school.  He's a red-shirt this year, so there may not be much playing time for him.  Anyway, his issues are mostly social.  Meaning:  how is he gonna fit studying into his active social life??  Our phone conversations are about STUDYING!  PRIORITIZING his time!  Only time will tell what he wounds up doing. --- Lastly, the final freshman is in a school in VA.  He called the other day to tell me that it's difficult to make new friends and he feels like he wants to come back home to CT.  What!!!!  Never that!  So, I gave him some of my best tips for meeting new people.  He hung up the phone sounding renewed.  Again, only time will tell what happens with him.  I have to admit, though, I love taking these fellas' calls and hearing about their "problems."  Puts everything into perspective for me--that most "problems" in life don't mean ANYTHING!  Not a DAMN THING actually!  :)

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