Friday, September 24, 2010

The Owner Of A Glass House

He is one of the most popular preachers in America.  His congregation is counted as high as 25,000.  He lives a lavish lifestyle.  He adamantly and vociferously opposes homosexuality and gay marriage.  And, within the past seven days, he has been hit with not one--not two--not three--but FOUR lawsuits by young men no older than 22 who allege that he coerced them into sexual relationships when they were as young as 16 yrs old!  Come again!!!  Yes, the man who lead hundreds on a march in Atlanta against gay marriage is being sued for using his influence and his church's money to lure young men into sexual relationships!  WOW!  This story is unfolding like Tiger Woodsgate.  Each day, a new secret is revealed.  From this point forward, I'm giving a side-eye to ANYONE who screams LOUDLY against ANYTHING!  Far too often, these screamers appear to be covering up an aspect of themselves that they apparently despise!!  At this very moment, I suspect the pristine floors in the pastor's million-dollar mansion is strewn with shattered glass!!!!  And I know for damn sure the pastor will NEVER pose again in his luxury bathroom for another SELF-PORTRAIT on his cell phone's camera!  'Cause, goodness gracious, the good pastor can never know WHERE those pretty shots will end up!  The story is HERE.

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