Friday, September 24, 2010

Perplexed & Bewildered

A day or two ago I called the organization I've been volunteering with for the past three years to tell them I wouldn't be returning this fall.  I left a voicemail for the young guy, Michael, who co-runs the place.  My call came a day or two after I sent an e-mail to him and the guy who runs it with him.  Anyway, I'm really surprised that I have received neither an e-mail nor a return, phone call.  Oh well.  As life has shown me in the past and in the present---everything changes.  Nothing stays the same.  I wish everyone who continues to volunteer with the organization the very best.  Just as I wish myself the very best in my new, volunteer endeavor!  But I gotta admit, gettin' no response to my messages bewilders the heck outta this brotha!! 

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