Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almost IS Close Enough!

Man, I was mindin' my own business, walking to the grocery store and, before I knew what hit me, I had to take a leak somethin' fierce!  It was one of those situations where you actually run 'cause you think that'll slow up the urge.  Well, needless to say, I realized I couldn't make it to the grocery store without having an accident, so just a block away from the joint, I ran into a restaurant and asked one of its employees if I could use their restroom.  Before the dude could even answer me I felt my bladder tellin' me it had waited long enough.  Noooo, I didn't actually have an accident, but I was literally seconds away from it!  I'm tellin' you, the moment I have any kind of alcohol (wine, this time) I have to relieve myself almost instantly.  I reckon I should count my blessings as always, 'cause I could've suffered the same fate as two folks I know.   One of  'em pooped her pants en route to the restroom.  At her WORKPLACE, no less!  And a male friend did the EXACT, SAME thing while standing in line for the restroom at DENNY'S!!!  Lawd, have mercy, I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF when both folks told me their stories.  Both of 'em tossed their soiled clothing into the trash basket in their respective restrooms.  Ugh!!!!

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