Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Everything OLD Is NEW Again!

I've just returned from my tour of the assisted living facility I'll begin volunteering at in a couple weeks.  The young lady who showed me around, Jennifer, is an absolute doll!  She'll be there on the Sundays I'm there.  Anyway, while walking around the facility, she introduced me to several of the tenants.  I was particularly impressed with the floor for tenants with dementia/Alzheimer's.  One elderly lady, in particular, was attached to a doll.  I think she thought it was a real baby.  I'm sure I'll learn more about her as I spend more time in the facility.  I will tell you this, though:  as I walked around the place and observed the tenants, a part of me could only think about my own mortality.  My own aging process.  I wondered if I'd be like the people I saw.  If I'd even be able to afford a place like this.  'Cause that place looks expensive!!!  My mind and heart are open to whatever my volunteer work at this facility brings me.  Being there will be my way of spending time with Daddy.  Wherever he is, I hope he knows and sees that his namesake is thinking of him.

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