Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Scott!!!!!!

Last night I received a text from my friend, Scott, telling me to watch Private Practice.  Scott is Taye Diggs's stand-in on that show, so I wondered what was up.  Honestly, I assumed the folks on that show had finally tossed him a bone.  And, dang it, I was right!  There was ol' Scott with a one-line, co-star role as a cop.  Surprise!  Surprise!  He'd been a cop as background on CSI for ages 'til he booked the stand-in work on Private Practice.  Anyway, I was happy to see AND hear him for a change.  But, I must admit, that the entire time he was on all I could think was that kid has more talent in one vocal chord than most folks have in their entire bodies.  I hope he texts me soon to tell me he's appearing on GLEE!  'Cause that's where I'd most love to see AND hear him!!!! Sing, Scott! Sing!!!!

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