Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Money Can't Buy Peace Of Mind

On today's OPRAH Tyler Perry spoke about being molested by four, different people as a child.  Three males and one female.  He also spoke at length about the horrific verbal and physical abuse he received from his father.  The same father he financially supports to this day.  No, he didn't speak specifically about any homosexual experiences he may have had willingly, but he did make it known that he went through a lot of "acting out" in his twenties till he "found himself."  If everything he said was true, my heart goes out to him.  I know many probably envy all the money and material possessions he has, but never concern themselves with the emotional baggage he carries.  I don't envy anything about him.  I simply wish him well; 'cause, if he's happy, he'll treat others well.  And treating others well is all that matters to me.

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