Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Three Sons

My brother has a daughter who is NOT enjoying her freshman year in college at the moment.  I, on the other hand, have three "sons" who aren't feelin' too bad about THEIRS!  Okay, so they aren't my actual sons, but we have great relationships and all three keep me updated on what they're doing at their schools.  One attends Texas State.  Another is at Arkansas Tech.  And the other is at Loyola University in Maryland.  Anyway, I hear from all three quite regularly.  And each has different problems.  One of them calls to complain about all the crap fraternity pledges have to endure.  Having been in a fraternity myself, my advice is always the same: "As long as what they ask you to do isn't bad for your health and well-being, suck it up and go!"  Another calls to complain about his love life.  His high school sweetheart dumped him just before college started this fall, then contacted him and possibly wants to reconcile.  Of course, this is earth-shaking to him, so I listen to him and...well, just listen; 'cause nothin' I say will matter to him.  He knows more than I do about high school relationships apparently.  The final "son" just wants to get laid.  PERIOD!  So, his calls always center around one subject:  what does he have to do to get a girl in a horizontal position?????  Lol!  All three guys are great, so I relish receiving their calls.  It's just dang nice to feel needed!  Wonder what their SOPHOMORE year is gonna bring!!!  :)     

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