Thursday, October 7, 2010

On The Up High!

Just a bit ago I watched a very interesting episode of Oprah about black men living heterosexual lives openly and homosexual lives secretly.  This episode was in many ways a part two to an episode she hosted back in 2004.  Anyway, the first guest was a woman who contracted HIV and was told by her husband's doctor that she had given the virus to her husband.  Of course, the reality was that he had given it to her.  He had been sleeping with men---lots of men---for years.  He wound up contracting full-blown AIDS.  Anyway, she sued him in civil court and was awarded 12 million dollars.  She hasn't seen a penny of it and is in fact living on public assistance at present.  One thing I really applaud her for was when she stopped Oprah, in mid-sentence, from using Magic Johnson as a poster boy for living a happy life with HIV.  She told Oprah that Magic is unlike most living with HIV because of his access to the best of everything.  Oprah was so moved by the woman's admonishment that she extended an apology of sorts and agreed with the woman wholeheartedly.  It saddens me to hear the stories of women who were duped by their men and wound up contracting an STD.  This particular woman sounds good when she speaks, but she made it clear that the life she has now is not the life she wants.  She didn't sugarcoat that belief for one moment.  I wish her well.  I wish everyone well.  And I fully intend to ask as many questions as I can of any fella I know or may know who sleeps with both sexes and only comes clean to the males.  Living life on the downlow has to go.  Living life up high is the way to fly!   

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