Monday, November 1, 2010

An Apple A Day...

Haven't heard from one of my dear friends in a few days.  He's back in his home state, caring for his mother as she recovers from surgery.  I read a post on his cousin's Facebook page the other day that has me wondering.  It said somethin' to the effect:  "I lost somebody important today."  At first, my imagination got the best of me and I started to think a very unpleasant thought.  So, today I called my friend and left a voicemail.  I hope he gets back to me soon so I can know what's goin' on in CT.  --- And, oh, another friend told me today that his wife is in the hospital.  Over the weekend, she felt shortness of breath and was losing her balance.  He rushed her to an emergency room.  It turns out that she had a tumor on her spine.  He and she will find out very soon if the tumor was benign.  -- Lastly, yet another friend was hospitalized over the weekend and was released this morning.  He hasn't yet told me what his ailment is/was.  I'm tellin' u, I have sooooo much to be THANKFUL for!  Again, I say that bellyaching about what I DON'T have is NOT an option.  I'm simply and happily and repeatedly giving THANKS for everything I DO have!!!!!!  And my GOOD HEALTH is the MAJOR DO-HAVE I'm verrrrrrry happy to give gratitude for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, indeedy! 

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