Sunday, November 28, 2010

JILL In E Flat

Boy oh boy were souls moved in church today.  I must say that the pastor, Touré Roberts, is no joke.  I truly believe he wants to share what he knows about God with all of us who enter his doors.  It appears to be all about US.  His congregation!  Anyway, today I watched soooo many folks weep and pray all their fears and aches away.  I touched the shoulder and back of the dude next to me, hopin' that his back pain would leave.  He told me he felt better after the prayers.  I sure hope he did. --- Before the service began, I noticed singer, Jill Scott, following her adorable little boy around as he ran throughout the church.  She wound up taking a seat two pews behind me.  I heard her vocalizing her agreement with Touré's preaching.  I noticed she wept, too.  She didn't sing.  But oh how I wish she would've.  At the end of the service I walked up to her and hugged her tightly.  I thanked her for being such an inspiration and told her she has the voice of an angel.  God bless her.  And God bless ME for following God's path to Touré's church:  One Church International.

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