Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ooooh, I'm Tellin'!!!!

Tonight I did something I've been doin' for the past few years!  In fact, I always look forward to doin' it each year.  What, you ask?  Leering at Watching the televised Victoria's Secret fashion show.  Truth be told, I just love lookin' at such pulchritude!  How's that for a $20 word???  Lol!!!  I've been watchin' since Giselle, Heidi and Tyra were the big stars of the show.  Now, neither of those three chicks are a part of the spectacle.  But those who remain, along with the new girls, are ON FIRE!!!!  Some might say I don't know what I'm missin'.  And I say, it's a damn good thing I don't listen to some anyway!  Haaa!

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