Saturday, November 6, 2010

True Beauty

I know to some, this is gonna sound strange.  Weird.  Gay!  But who cares?  And I AIN'T writin' "no homo" BEFORE or AFTER I say it!!!!!  But, honestly, two nights ago I went to support a friend by seeing him in a showcase.  Anyway, sitting next to me was the prettiest (and I'm using the adjective best-suited for description) teenaged boy I've ever seen.  EVER!!!  I told him he looked like an incredibly beautiful, yet masculine GIRL.  He laughed and said he hears that all the time.  His name is, MICHAEL HUDSON.  He's 19 yrs old.  Of German/Irish/Italian descent.  From a ridiculously tiny town in Pennsylvania---population 260!!!!!!!  He moved out here to L.A.---ALONE---at 17, to pursue a modeling/acting career.  Very mature for such a young boy.  I couldn't get over how incredible his face looks.  I really couldn't.

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