Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Core Of The Matter

I am an abdominal Enthusiast!  Devotee!  Fanatic!  Out-and-out Freak!  When I see defined, ripped abs I feel like I'm lookin' at exquisite works of art!  To me, the abdominal region of the human body is the seXXXiest part of the body!!  Couldn't care less about a FACE if the abs look like they've been SLICED & DICED by Michelangelo!!  I know if I really worked at it, MINE would be slammmmmin' instead of just...uh...nice.  Haaa!  Well, all this yammerin' on just leads me to give props to three of the young fellas on my Facebook Friends list who've just posted their latest, ab pix!  OUTRAGEOUS!!!  And the white kid is a mere 18, friggin' yrs old!!!!!!!  Geez!!!  Kudos to all three of 'em for PUTTIN' IN THE WORK!  It's no wonder that SUCCESS seems to stick like glue to those who PUT IN THE WORK!!!!  On that note, let me get my butt off this computer and onto the floor for a hundred push-ups!!!!!!

The Countdown

The countdown to the New Year has begun.  It's just a little more than 24 hours till 2011 rears its NEW & BEAUTIFUL HEAD!!!  And, honestly, nothing will change for me in the New Year if I don't make some changes NOW!  I'm closer to 50 yrs old than I am to 40.  So, I'm bankin' on this ol' dog being able to learn some new tricks!!!  'Cause life as I'm currrently living it isn't working on a professional front.  Nor on a romantic front!  Lol!  There truly is only ONE thing that'll change everything for me:  ACTION!  I've simply gotta DO instead of THINK ABOUT DOING!  Period!!!!

Strange Fruit

Earlier today, a young lady stopped by to take a look at the spare bedroom I'll be renting next month.  I could tell through her e-mails that she was a character.  And, lo and behold, when she showed up in person, she lived up to my assumption.  The moment she stepped into the apartment she said, "Wow!  This place really is clean."  Lol!  My ad on Craigslist said as much, but I reckon she didn't believe me.  Anyway, she then immediately asked to use the bathroom.  I thought, hmm, is she goin' in there to see if it's clean, too??  Well, when she came out, I showed her the spare bedroom.  She chuckled and said, "You'd hate me.  Because I'm not this neat."  She then practically apologized for wasting my time.  And left!  Haa!  I suspsect a kind, talented, young person who can EASILY afford the rent will be crossin' the threshold soon enough.  I have no worries!  But these strange birds from Craigslist crack me up!  Lol!

If The Shoe Fits

To virtually 99% of the folks I'm friendly with, when it comes to knowing who I truly am...


Is this like almost being able to pay your bills???  Haaa!

Just Keepin' It Real

So Very True

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Hell Freezes Over

I am THANKFUL for NOT living in NYC!!!  Boy, oh boy, has NYC and the Northeast, in general, been sucker-punched by Mother Nature.  There is snow on top of snow on top of snow in that region!  And it's UGLY!  I had better count my blessings that I no longer live in East Flatbush, Brooklyn!  'Cause if I were, I'd be up to my CHIN in snow!  Some 400 passengers were stuck on a subway for SIX hours or more the other day because of the snow and freezing weather.  Can you imagine that?  SIX hours!!!  Geez!  One couple flew into Kennedy Airport from Cancun and couldn't dig their car out of its parking space at the airport, so wound up jumping onto that stranded train.  The couple live only fourteen miles from the airport.  However, from the time they deplaned, to the time they eventually made it back to their apartment in Brooklyn, EIGHTEEN hours had come and gone!  Wow!  Yessiree, Bob, I'm soooooooooo thankful I'm NOT in East Flatbush, Brooklyn right now!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

True Change Begins With...ME!

I am thankful to God and His Universe for all the work I've had over the holiday season.  The money has been needed.  Almost desperately.  But...I have ceased to enjoy the work.  Truth be told, I ceased enjoying the work long ago.  However, a part of me was (perhaps still is) afraid to step away from it.  And the fear stems from ill-thinking.  Negative-thinking.  When I walked away from Patina and Wolfgang Puck and Yvonne E. White and a host of others, I SURVIVED.  So...I can do the same with catering in general.  And in specifics!  I MUST move on now to a life I was BORN to live.  I want to live a life of service.  But not one of SUBSERVIENCE.  After my gig on New Year's Eve, I'm walking away.  Running away.  'Cause I've had enough!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beauty Is What It Is

I know it isn't wise to put much stock in physical beauty.  But sometimes, one just has to call a spade a spade.  And these, little "spades" are simply GORGEOUS!!!!

Lesson Plan

As 2010 is about to be ushered out, I simply give gratitude to GOD & THE UNIVERSE for all the obstacles, setbacks and hardships this year has brought me.  Because it truly looks like this ol' boy is gonna make it through 'em.  STRONGER and WISER!  I won't spend much time thinking of those aspects of my life as a "bad" thing.  Instead, they were/are merely LESSONS LEARNED!  Nothing more.  And most assuredly, nothing LESS! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today is truly a GODSEND in more ways than one.  I give GRATITUDE to GOD and THE UNIVERSE for being blessed enough to BE here to see another CHRISTMAS.  And I am HOPEFUL that many will enjoy this day with loved ones.  I will be with my family in SPIRIT today.  However, this Christmas will be the LAST Christmas they'll have me in spirit only.  From this point forward, I'm goin' HOME.  I need to.  And, even more importantly---I WANT to!  I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

As this nation celebrates Christmas Eve I'll be "celebrating" by working a gig with one of the best chefs in all of Los Angeles---Tom Symon!  And I'm thankful for the gig!  However, this year marks the end of my "gigs" with any chef.  2011 I WILL enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  And the only person who can truly make that happen for me is I!!!!!!  So it's been said; so it will be done!!!!  But until then, I'm gonna enjoy myself wherever I am!!! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well, well, well.  This ol' dude is SOOOOOOO BLESSED to be sitting here in my bedroom, typing on this keyboard!  'Cause more than a few folks I've known over the years AREN'T breathing to do it!!!  47 years old.  I can't believe it!  What a BLESSING!!!  Today I am going to simply enjoy ALL the "little" things that make me happy to be me.  I'm going to meditate.  And give gratitude to GOD & THE UNIVERSE for all that I am and all that I hope to become.  No, I don't have a house.  Nor even a car.  Nor a significant other.  But what I DO have far outnumbers the "don't haves" about one million to ONE!!!!  So, here's to embracing all the MANY joys I've experienced over the past, 47 years.  And all the sorrows that have built my character to endure such.  I am EVERYTHING I've ever wanted to be already.  EVERYTHING!  I needn't worry about a thing.  EVER!  Because I know MY way will be the RIGHT way for me.  And, if for some strange reason, it sometimes isn't, I'll find THE way eventually.  Happy 47th Birthday to ME.  May I take this blessing and continue to BE a blessing to all I encounter.  Amen!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

It has been raining here in L.A. for the past, few days and I LOVE it!!!  Absolutely LOVE it!  I love sleeping in the rain.  And walking in the rain.  I used to leave my fraternity house way back when, during a rainstorm, and walk around downtown Crawfordsville, IN.  The rain makes me feel soooooooo peaceful.  So, I think I might just take myself a lil' stroll in just a bit.  LOVE it!!!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Well, here it is the 20th already!  My birthday is a mere two days away.  And Christmas is five days away!  This will be my eleventh Christmas as a resident of L.A.  Time truly does fly by like nobody's business.  I intend to go out on Christmas day to earn a couple of bucks, then come home or go visit a friend to really enjoy the holiday.  Being single and without children can make Christmas a lot less enjoyable than it should be, but I'll make the best of it!!!  And, who knows?  Maybe next Christmas, if I'm blessed to be around for it, will be absolutely INCREDIBLE!  After all, no matter the situation, it is what you make it!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who Am I????

And Matchless in EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hellz yeah!!!!!!!  That's PRECISELY who I've ALWAYS been!!!!!!!!!

The Freaks Come Out At Night

So, last Friday night--technically Saturday Morning--I was standing at a bus stop in the heart of Hollywood on the corner of Hollywood Blvd & Highland Ave.  It was dang near 2 AM, so the streets were packed with revelers leaving the myriad of bars in the area.  Of course, there were the usual drunkards creating such a fuss that the police had to come make some arrests.  And, of course, there were the usual loud and rowdy bus passengers.  As I stood at the bus stop, I couldn't help thinking over and over again that I wasn't like "these people."  That I shouldn't have been on that stop with them.  Waiting to ride that bus with them.  And, to add insult to injury, I had less than half an hour before purchased a ticket to ride the train only to find out the last train of the night had already come and gone.  So, that's why I went to a bus stop.  The bus is always my LAST mode of transportation if I can help it.  I knew the train ticket wasn't valid on the bus, but I asked the bus driver if he'd honor it anyway since there were no more trains running and the fare is the same.  He wasn't pleased, but he allowed me to ride.  As the ride went on, I noticed two others board the bus with "sad luck" stories.  All I could think was, wow, that's why the driver gave me such attitude.  He hears these kinds of stories all the time.  Well, suffice it to say that I was just happy he let me ride and got me to my destination safely.  I'll own another car before too long.  But, until then, I'll have to get used to the idea of possibly having to ride a bus among all the freaks who come out at night on Hollywood Blvd!  Geez!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sir, May I Have Another?

Over the past twelve years, off and on, I have worked as a cater-waiter.  That's a waiter who works for a catering service.  No, I've never done the restaurant waiter thing, but that's because I don't think I'd remember what dish went to whom.  However, the cater-waiter thing I've done even when I had "regular" jobs.  The gigs have taken me into some of the most beautiful settings I've ever seen (Denzel Washington's house, Michael Eisner's house, Eli Broad's house, etc.).  They've introduced me to some of the richest, most famous and interesting people on this planet (Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, George H. W. Bush, etc.).  And they have more than paid a bill or two.  Suffice it to say that when I finally move on to an endeavor that pays me handsomely and fulfills my truest professional desires, I'll look back on cater-waitering with a smile.  'Cause, in all honesty, it hasn't been too bad.  Not too bad at all.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love it! Hands Down!

Can't get this song off my mind!  Nor out of my ears!  LOVE it!!!!  HANDS DOWN!  Haa!!  :)

A Room With A View---of Christmas

I have never really decorated any of the apartments I've lived in during the Christmas holiday.  And I don't know why I haven't because I love a beautifully decorated room as much as the next man.  Christmas just makes me feel sooooo warm & cozy!  So, it's high time my place illustrate that feeling!!!  High time!

What A Card

Well, I've gotten all my Christmas cards out!  Mailed 18 of 'em this morning.  The card has a beautiful snow man on the cover, decked out in glitter!!!  Yeah, those kinds of cards are messy but look dang nice!!!!  After I send the last two, special cards I'm done!  Those two go to kids.  My godson and his brother.  And, in those, I always include a dollar or two.  It has taken me this long to figure out that I shouldn't spend much time selecting their cards 'cause all they undoubtedly care about is the money!  So, a 99 cents card is just fine!!!  Haaa!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never As Good As The First Time

SADE sang it better than I can tell it.  It's never as good as the first time, she said.  And, more oftentimes than not, she's right.  I've been a fan of Sex And The City since it's inception.  I used to love sittin' on the couch in Brooklyn, watching these New York chicks live lives that were tangible.  I mean, I could actually see and touch their sorrows and joys.  The first film was a hoot for me.  There were a couple of really touching moments that brought me back to the theater at least three times to see them again and again.  I didn't go to the theater to see part two.  And I didn't because nothing about its trailer looked interesting.  And, of course, word of mouth wasn't good, either.  Last night, my friend, Donald, ordered the movie on cable and I watched.  More than a couple of times I wanted to get up and leave.  But I didn't.  I stayed the course because I believe in these girls. I used to.  The sequel was meaningless.  Period.  Style over substance.  Not one time did I feel anything for the leads except disappointment.  How could the bigwigs behind this venture lose their way?  How?  Honestly, if I wanted to go see an event that featured shoes and clothing over human connection, I'd go to a fashion show.  Or to a mall.  I suspect there'll never be another Sex And The City film since this one did so poorly at the box office.  However, if there is, I hope they go back to making the film about people.  Real people.  Insecure people.  Loving people.  Beautiful people with a reason for living other than consuming.  That's the movie I want to see.  'Cause that's the television show I fell in love with.

47 & Counting!!!

Every day I listen to Five For Fighting's song, 100 Years.  It makes me feel great!  And it makes me feel PRESSURED!  Pressured because it states that we've got a hundred years to live.  If so, I've got 53 years left ('cause I'll be 47 next week).  And I've still got sooooo many things to do before I go!  Soooo many!  No time like the PRESENT to do 'em, right?  Okay, that said, I gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sometimes You Win...

I want very much to help a young actor I know get his foot in a door or two.  So, I arranged for him to be seen by a casting director who is searching for the replacement for the lead in the cable series, SPARTACUS.  The actor had to self-tape his audition and be extra-careful to perform his audition, using an authentic-sounding, British accent.  Well, his finished product arrived to me today and, although he didn't sound like a true Brit, I still applaud him for his hard work and dedication to the assignment.  The casting director didn't like his accent nor his performance, so he won't be going any further with the project.  However, I'm still happy for him.  And proud of him for saying he wanted something and actually doing the work to achieve it!  That's rare follow-through in this day and age.  And I know, 'cause I'm guilty of not always completely what I start in a timely fashion my dang self!  There'll be other auditions and, based upon his work ethic on this project, I'll happily help him when I can.  I say a job well done!

100% FAT FREE!

One of my dear friends has a problem.  Well, this particular friend has several problems.  But the one problem he has that truly amazes me is his homophobia. 

No, he doesn't think he's homophobic, but from many of the comments he's made over the years, I beg to differ.  Honestly, I don't think he has an issue with knowing gay men.  But I do think he has an issue with anyone thinking he might be gay. 

My friend weighs over 400 lbs.  Let me state that again:  my friend weighs over 400 lbs.  At 44 years old and no taller than 6'2", his 400 lbs are nowhere near muscular.  Nor toned.  Nor acceptable to any medical doctor with a medical degree.  Not even one procured online (if that's possible). 

I say all this to say that when I've mentioned this friend to my gay, male friends, they always ask me, "What does he look like?"  And when I describe him, every, single one of those friends just chuckles.  Why do they laugh, you ask? 

Because they know that at 400+ lbs, my homophobic friend is likely to be the largest human being in any predominantly gay, male setting; yet also the most invisible. 

The one thing he can rest assured about is that NO gay dude this side of Heaven would question his sexual preference. 

And, in all honestly, the reason is because NO gay male on this side of Heaven would CARE. 

At least, not one I know---have ever known---or am ever likely to know. 

Or even meet in passing. 



What am I gonna do with the $104 MILLION I win later tonight????  Huh????  Don't you worry.  I'll come up with SOMETHIN'!!!!!!!  Haaa!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Like Father...

As teenagers, my brother and I used to accompany our father on his various money-earning ventures.  Well, his manual labor, money-making ventures: mowing yards and cleaning buildings.  He'd give me five dollars for helping him mow the yards.  I got nothing for helping him clean the buildings.  Nothing monetary, that is.  But I did tell myself I'd never do that kind of work when I got older.  I would feel so bad for him when I'd see him get down on his hands and knees to clean the restroom floors of office buildings.  He never even cleaned his own house with that much attention to detail, I thought.  Well, fast-forward from then to now.  And, no, I don't work a job where I get down on my hands and knees to clean floors.  However, I DO serve.  Literally!  Food and drinks.  And, from time to time, I wash dishes and pots and pans and stovetops.  And all for a buck.  Just like Daddy.  One thing I know for sure is that we, as people, can say what we will and won't do till we're blue in the face.  However, we can NEVER know WHAT we'll do until there's NO BREATH in us.  And, even then, if there's no breath in us, we STILL won't know!  No one could ever have told me as a child that I not only received my father's name; I also received the fear he had of CHANGE.  And when one fears change, HOW, oh HOW does he CHANGE that????????? 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Night & Goodbye, Young Lady

Just this week I've noticed several people on Facebook expressing sorrow for the untimely death of an actress here in L.A.  They said so many nice things about her I had to look her up.  Her photos alone illustrate one heck of a young lady.  She died from a heart attack.  At 34 yrs old.  Wow!  I wonder if she had high cholesterol.  Or high, blood pressure.  Or diabetes.  Well, whatever the cause of her heart attack was, it's obvious to me that she was truly and deeply loved by those who knew her.  What more out of life could a person truly wish for?  I wish her spirit the very best.  And I hope & pray I, too, can be a blessing to the lives I touch on this planet as she apparently was!!!!!!!!  Good Night & Goodbye, MISS CHANE'T JOHNSON!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night I went to the Premiere of Mark Wahlberg's new film, THE FIGHTER.  I enjoyed the film.  Melissa Leo was terrific as his mom.  And the young ladies who portrayed his sisters were...uh..."interesting-looking."  Lol!  Anyway, after the screening, I went to the After Party.  Food was catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering.  I knew most of the cater-waiters working the event!!!  Well, this morning, I awakened to an uneasy feeling.  And, shortly after getting up out of bed, I hurried to the bathroom where I proceeded to hug the toilet bowl for waaaaaaaay longer than I cared to.  I mean, ALL that Wolfgang Puck crap fine cuisine came back to haunt me!  WTF!!!  I'm gonna take a long walk now so I can feel better.  I already feel better, but I wanna feel my optimum best.  Guess Mark Wahlberg isn't the ONLY fighter in this town!  Haa!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Look Too Good, Nor Talk Too Wise

One of my Facebook buddies bought a new BMW 6 series converible two months ago.  And, just recently, while parked in his driveway, it was STOLEN!!!  GONE!!  VANISHED!  I have to wonder, if the vehicle was a Hyundai Elantra would it STILL be parked in his driveway this evening.  Goes to show you, that which is shiny and flashy catches the attention of folks one may NOT want to catch the attention of!  UNDERSTATEMENT is KEY!!!

So Very Very Thankful

My brother's S.U.V.
The hit-and-run driver's vehicle.
My brother texted me a couple nights ago that he had just been in an automobile collision and that the person who hit him fled the scene immediately afterward.  Can you believe that?  The person nails him and keeps going!  My brother's vehicle was too damaged to drive, so he was stuck at the scene of the accident until the police came.  Luckily, there was a witness or two who followed the hit-and-run driver to his apartment building.  They, in turn, led the police to his doorstep, too.  The guy's car was impounded, but he wasn't arrested at the time.  The police knocked on his door, but he wouldn't answer it.  So, my brother doesn't know what has happened with the case since then.  All he knows is that he's verrrry unhappy with the tiny, rental car he has right now till his SUV is fixed.  He said he's driving a Chevy Cobalt.  Haaa!  That's one of the rental cars I almost ALWAYS get when I rent!  And, no, I don't love the tiny vehicle, but it sure beats the heck out of hoppin' on a train or a bus!  --- I'm just happy my brother is fine.  I hope & pray the person who hit him feels some kind of remorse for what he did.  Because his actions were those of a person who couldn't have cared less what happened to anyone except himself.  And I don't want to believe that's the case.  I just don't. -- Oh...turns out the hit-and-run driver is a Mexican.  The police told my brother that he probably fled the scene because he is/was either a.) uninsured b.) unlicensed c.) an illegal alien d.) intoxicated --- or ---  e.) ALL of the above!  Geez!  Gotta love America!!!