Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes You Win...

I want very much to help a young actor I know get his foot in a door or two.  So, I arranged for him to be seen by a casting director who is searching for the replacement for the lead in the cable series, SPARTACUS.  The actor had to self-tape his audition and be extra-careful to perform his audition, using an authentic-sounding, British accent.  Well, his finished product arrived to me today and, although he didn't sound like a true Brit, I still applaud him for his hard work and dedication to the assignment.  The casting director didn't like his accent nor his performance, so he won't be going any further with the project.  However, I'm still happy for him.  And proud of him for saying he wanted something and actually doing the work to achieve it!  That's rare follow-through in this day and age.  And I know, 'cause I'm guilty of not always completely what I start in a timely fashion my dang self!  There'll be other auditions and, based upon his work ethic on this project, I'll happily help him when I can.  I say a job well done!

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