Saturday, January 22, 2011

But What Does He Really Look Like?

It has always annoyed me when I look at a news broadcast and the anchor is telling us about a criminal suspect who has eluded the police.  The anchor tells us to be on the lookout for the suspect.  However, WON'T tell us what color or ethnic background the person might be.  How am I supposed to know what he looks like if all I'm told is that he's tall with long, brown hair, wearing a leather jacket?  In catering, I used to marvel at my white coworkers who would direct me to refill the wine glass of the lady wearing the green dress with the red and yellow polka dots, sitting next to the man with the white shirt and red tie.  I'd look at the table and see that the coworker was referring to the ONLY black woman at the table.  I'd ask, "Why didn't you just say the black lady?"  They'd always reply, "I didn't wanna bring race into it."  Geez!  Wouldn't it have saved 'em a lot of breath if they'd just say what she LOOKED like?  I feel the same way about these news anchors.  Is the criminal suspect latino, black, white, asian?  Nobody will be offended if we're given as much physical description about a suspect as possible.  NOBODY!  Geez!

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