Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dr. Feel Good

My friend, Jay, is truly a phenomenal brotha!  Truly!  I just received his tardy, Christmas card the other day and marveled at how beautiful his family is.  His older boy is now 6'5" and attends Jay and my college's archrival:  DePauw University!!!  His daughter stands 5'8" and his younger son has grown up, too!  His wife, Maureen, is still stunning after dang near 20+ years of marriage.  I'm tellin' you, the fella has ALWAYS been a SUPERSTAR!  ALWAYS!  I look forward to reconnecting with him---face-to-face---sometime this year.  It's good to know that the folks from "back home" are still the folks I love and admire most!  These "big city slickers" I've met over the years have, for the most part, been blah!!!!  I'm not from Philly, so Jay is the ONLY "Dr Jay" I've ever cared about.  Haa!!! 

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