Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New YOU!

Touré Roberts, the pastor at my new church home, One Church International, said something today that really struck me.  He said that if we usher in the New Year doing the same thing and being the same person we were in the old year, no new, terrific changes are destined to happen for us.  However, if we enter the new year with a pledge to live differently, with different behavior, eleven months down the road, we'd see GREAT change.  So, instead of saluting folks in the coming days with the same, ol' tired, "Happy New Year," it's probably better to tell 'em, "Happy New You!"  And, I, for one, welcome such a greeting!  And, I, for one, will change last year's behavior so that living differently allows me to receive different BLESSINGS!  Here's to a new ME!  And to a new YOU!  :)

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