Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I've Said It Once...

My upstairs neighbors are at it again.  No, not making love.  FIGHTING!  Throwing SH*T!  Yelling!  Breaking SH*T!  I hear the chick yelling at him to get out of HER house!  And I hear him yelling back, "You're messin' up things!"  Really???  Keep in mind that this is the same couple who got into a tiff last summer that lead the dude to attempt suicide!  That chick must really be somethin'!  She smiles and speaks when I see her.  I reckon since I'm not the one bangin' her, I don't get to see the REAL her.  And I reckon that's just fine by me!!!  Last year, I would've said that I look forward to the day they move.  But, this year...oh, no.  I don't want THEM to do a DAMN thing!  'Cause THIS year...I'M moving!  And I'm moving into a very, very comfortable and well-appointed abode that I'VE purchased!  Don't know WHEN, but I know I AM!!!!  Until then, though, all I gotta say about my upstairs neighbors is:  Lawd, have mercy!!!!

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