Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ain't No Singer Fab Enough

At 1:05 AM yesterday morning I was in 7th Heaven as I watched Oprah's interview with legendary songstress, Diana Ross!!  The diva looked great and sounded great!  I couldn't get over how friggin' energetic and bouncy she was.  And her energy and vitality really stood out when Billy Dee Williams was brought out onto the stage to surprise her.  He, on the other hand, was overweight and moved slowly.  The complete contrast to Diana's spunky and youthful appearance! --- All five of Diana's children and one grandchild were in attendance, too.  I got a kick out of listening to each of them tell a little something about what they think of having her as a mother.  She sure seems to be one heck of an adoring and nurturing parent!  Her daughter, Tracy, said that Diana told her children that she was earning her money for herself, so they'd better get good jobs!!!  Haaa!  I'm tellin' you, Oprah's shows this season have been pretty dang good.  I plan to watch her show till the bittersweet end!!!

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