Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping Up With The KarMILLIONS!

Folks can say whatever they want about the Kardashian family, but the mother, Kris, has her finger on the pulse of pop culture and obviously knows how to make a buck!  65 MILLION BUCKS to be precise!  Commenters on every blog known to man rips this family to shreds.  And I suspect said commenters are doing so while worrying about how they'll pay their own mortgages, and their children's school expenses, etc.  I doubt the Kardashian family has ANY of those worries, so my humble advice to those who only spew venom about them, thinking about the Kardashian family should be the LEAST of your concerns!  Especially if you aren't in a position to pay ALL your bills AND save some coins WITHOUT issue!!!!  Honestly, why be concerned about the lives of those who CAN!!!!

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