Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin'

I created a vision board back in 2008.  On it, I placed all the major goals I wanted to achieve.  By year's end, I hadn't accomplished ANY of 'em.  Not one.  So, I changed the year to 2009.  By year's end, I had completed only one---my screenplay, Miss Juanita.  So, I changed the year to 2010.  By year's end, I had completed only one---my novel, The Genesis & Revelations Of River M. Nile.  Now, I've changed the year to 2011.  Since 2008 I've wanted to visit eight, particular families at their homes. I wanted to simply step into their home lives for a weekend or so.  Well, as I look at my vision board now, I realize that within the three years I've desired to visit these families, three of the families are no longer.  Divorce and/or separation split them up.  What this means to me is that if I had truly made it a priority to visit with these families back in 2008, I would've been able to experience them when they were whole.  Now, because I allowed procrastination to get the better of me, I can't visit them the way they were.  Lesson learned:  time waits for no one.  And, when I say/feel that I want to do something, I MUST do it!  Admittedly, it's hard to break old habits.  But, if I ever expect to live my highest/best life, I had better DO so!  NOW!  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not next month.  NOW!  RIGHT NOW!

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